Tom and Cindy McNab

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Great experience with the Hatfield team. Nancy and Michael provided us with a professional, highly polished Real Estate transaction under less than desirable circumstances. Initially the market was soft and we set a firm non-negotiable sale price which precluded a quick turnaround. The place had “0” curb appeal and was an oddball duplex with a cottage that listed as a Triplex. This fact in and of itself was an obstacle. The Hatfield team persevered by recommending and implementing some cosmetic improvements to the property thereby increasing the curb appeal. Next they marketed the deal via multiple advertising platforms including Radio Spots on KCBS, KGO and KSFO.! (All ON THEIR DIME!!!) They did all the leg work of showing the property, contacting the tenants, observing all the regulated COVID compliance standards, all for a “LOW END DEAL” comparatively speaking to many of the deals they typically transact. Lastly, they entertained all relatively reasonable offers which weren’t too far off of our firm price and did not complain when we declined the offers. Finally, they found the right customer who met our asking price and consummated the deal with absolutely no leg work on our part. Overall, a fantastic Real Property deal with a friendly personalized touch. 5 stars for sure…

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